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Weaving in Ends | 0

Weaving in Ends

  Weaving in ends, trying to finish up a chevron baby blanket. Lost my metal yarn needles, and plastic is just not where it’s at. Bendy, flimsy, splits the yarn. Gotta run to the store!

Chevron Baby Blanket WIP - Sakeenah 3

Chevron Baby Blanket with a Straight Edge – progress

Happy Friday! I am rushing to try and finish a baby blanket before an overdue little one arrives, God willing. I knew I wanted to try a chevron pattern. I picked one that was too complicated for me at first. I have frogged it about 10 times now, so I’m moving onto this crochet pattern for a Chevron Baby Blanket with a Straight Edge from Eat, Knit & DIY. I am loving this pattern and it’s moving on along quickly. After several rows, it has become mindless without needed to check by counting. I love this as it frees me...


Six Stripes King Size Crochet Afghan – Finally Done!

I haven’t been posting much because I took me forever to finish this afghan! I was half way there in February when it was nice and freezing. Well hooray! I can finally celebrate the end of this project. To make this king sized afghan, I used an L hook and just chained until it was the width I wanted. I used 4 skeins of Knit Pick’s Brava worsted in each color from their neutrals sampler. I used an L hook. The stitches are all half double crochet into the back loops. I used the foundation turning stitch to get straight...

King Size Blanket - 2 more stripes to go 4

Crochet King-Size Striped Big Stitches Afghan – Half Way There

Sharing for WIP Wednesday my progress on the King Sized Striped Afghan with Big Stitches I’ve been working on. Making slow but steady progress. Dear hubby chimed in on this project and suggested I change the order and number of stripes. Now the three stripes here will repeat but in darker shades. Next after the darker brown is Camel then Cobblestone Heather. The best part is it’s fully functional now. Just put in a stitch marker at night and still can add a layer of warmth.   I’m wondering when I will get bored of doing big chunky stitches like...

Crocheted Father Pullover Sweater 33

Crochet Pattern Review: Notes and Tips on Making the Father Pullover Sweater

2021 update: This post was first published in 2014 and I haven’t made the sweater since. I really wish I could help everyone who is having issues with the sleeves on the Father Pullover Sweater, but it’s been a while since I made it and I can’t remember what I did, expect that it looked confusing but still worked out in the end. Many people have chimed in so please check out the comments and see if there is a solution to your problem. If not, please feel free to post it and I will try to research for you. ...


Work in Progress: Crochet King-Size Striped Big Stitches Afghan

I’ve been on a chunky stitches kick lately. I love the way they look for blankets, and it just seems the bigger the blanket the better. So, the grand finale should be a king sized afghan. I’ve been wanting to try out Knit Picks’ Brava bulky, so when they introduced their neutrals sampler at 30% off, I grabbed some. I’m using colors from this sampler to make wide horizontal stripes.  At first, I thought to do thinner stripes, but wanted to keep it with a thick, big feel. I’m trying out the Foundation Turning Stitch to get straighter sides because...