WIP Wednesday: Refreshing Throw

Refreshing Throw WIP | Sakeenah.com

Current work in progress: Refreshing Throw as a baby blanket.

I’m using Stylecraft Special DK, which I’m loving. All the squares are done now. I have a few squares UFOs hanging around, I kind of stall on the joining part. So I’m off to find a favorite method to join the squares and get moving on that.

What’s projects are you working on this week?

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  1. A says:

    You know, I think I’ve figured it out. No need to worry about the above request.

  2. A says:

    Umm… This is a little embarrassing, but I really have no idea what I’m doing with the refreshing throw granny square. I have the first round done, (I’m doing a practice square with the same type yarn and hook as the project.) and I can’t seem to understand everything in the instructions… I get lost as to what is going on at about round three. I’m not used to working in the round, and I know these granny squares have 7 rounds. I know this request is rather annoying and probably difficult, but I was wondering if (if you had the time) you could give me a little summary of each round like you did with the first. You TOTALLY don’t need to, because I know it’s work and you probably have more important things to do, but I think it would be a good thing for other begginner/intermediate crocheters who are having trouble with this blanket. It’s quite popular, it seems, though the instructions are a little hard to follow… (At least for me…)
    Again, it’s just a request, for if you had any spare time on your hands. 🙂

    Thanks, and sorry for the trouble. (Darn inexperienced crocheters, trying these challenging thing, huh?)

    • Sakeenah says:

      Don’t give up, this is how you get more experience! I think once you get the hang of it , you will get in a rhythm. A tutorial seems like a really great idea! I can work on one and get it up on the site.

  3. A says:

    Thanks! That really helped. 🙂

  4. A says:

    I came across the pattern for ‘refreshing throw’ and I was really hoping to make it. However, as soon as I got to the first know of instructions, I couldn’t figure it out. I came across your blog and found that you were doing it too. I was wondering, since you’ve done it, how to begin with it. I’m just having trouble understanding what the instructions (for the granny square) is telling me. I’m a little frustrated… 🙂
    Word for word:
    Rnd 1: Ch 5, [dc ch 1] 7 times all in 5th ch from hook; join with a slip st in 3rd ch of remaining ch-4.

    Do you think you could explain this for me in plain English step by step? It’s just the first instruction that I’m having problems with, especially since the instructions have no images…
    I’m not a great crocheter, but I’m passable.

    Thanks a ton, and I love your projects,

    • Sakeenah says:

      Hi, I just looked it up to make sure it’s the same one, just b/c it’s been a while since I made it. Ok, I will give it a try. I hope I make sense. You start by chaining 5, on the first chain you made – the one furthest from your hook, do a double crochet then chain 1 and repeat that 6 more times, so 7 dc in total with a chain 1 between them and after the last one. This is all done in one stitch. You will now have a circle that looks like it wants to be closed. The chain stitches that you didn’t crochet in will be standing up looking like another dc at the beginning of the circle. Count 3 from the bottom and slip stitch into that. If you are not used to working in the round, I would suggest you use stitch markers to mark the beginning of each row.
      I hope that helps!

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