Where to Find Discontinued Yarn

There may be many reasons you’d like to use a discontinued yarn instead of finding a substitute for a yarn. Maybe it’s been a while since you picked up that last project or maybe you just love a certain colorway and now you have found that your favorite yarn is now out of stock. Don’t despair! You can still find that discontinued yarn somewhere. Here I list some places you can find your favorite yarn that is no longer being made. 

Where to Find Discontinued Yarn - KnitCrushh.com

First, let’s support other crafters.

Your LYS

Call your local yarn shop or browse their website. See if you can get it shipped or if they offer crubside pickup.

Ravelry Stashes

Where to Find Discontinued Yarn - KnitCrushh.com

You can go on Ravelry and search people’s stashes. I have bought yarn this way and it’s a lot of fun and helps out someone. Buying from other people’s stashes also helps minimize waste and is better for the environment. Make sure to check off “will trade of sell” to sort by stashes for sale. 


Besides the eclectic mix of handmade items on etsy, there are also tons of listings for craft materials.  A search on etsy for “discontinued yarn” brings up 1,300 results.

Facebook Groups

Find Discontinued Yarn - KnitCrush.com

There are lots of buying and selling groups on Facebook. My favorite is Yarn Hoarders Destash Group with over 26,000 members. You can do an In Search Of (ISO) post looking for the yarn and color you need. 


You might not get the best deal here but, sometimes eBay is the only place I can find a discontinued yarn.

Knitting Stores and Big Box Stores

Do a google search for the yarn name or color code, hop over to the Shopping tab and see if any shops like Jimmy Beans Wool pop up with it still in stock. 

Yes, there’s always Amazon. The yarn you are looking for might still be listed if it hasn’t been too long since it was discontinued. Same for Walmart and other big box stores.

Good luck on your hunt!

Have you found discontinued or out of stock yarn in a different place? Please let me know in the comments. 

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Where to Find Discontinued Yarn - KnitCrushh.com

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  1. Debbie Murphy says:

    I am looking for off white Pop’N Yarn and am unable to find it anywhere. Does anyone have any in their stash? I don’t guess they make it anymore. 🙁

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