Wanting Your Crochet Work to be Perfect

If you’ve been crocheting for a little while and you’re still crocheting, I think I know a little something about you; you might be just a little bit crazy. Obsessed shall we say?

Yes, I have Obsessive Crocheting Disorder!


Because if you survived even your first pattern, it’s because you frogged and fretted until it was right.  Not just “good enough”, but the way you want it.

And you might be on the quest forever trying out new yarns to find that little slice of fiber utopia that has every single thing you want in a yarn, is machine washable and your cats fight over which one gets to sleep on the rug you made with it.

Yarn Bliss | Sakeenah

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What is it about making something that will make you obsess over the fine details and want to keep going back and mess with your project when there are a gazillion sensible thing you should be doing? How do you stop? Or should you even?

Isn’t it kind of wonderful and aggravating all at the same time?

I wish I could give advice, but I’m too far gone. I mean it really bothers me that the ends are coming out of the swatch I have been washing repeatedly to see how it will hold up.

Help! My ends are showing!!


And I tried to fasten off without a knot and because it wasn’t in the round, I didn’t think to turn it and go into the next stitch over. Now there is this stupid floating loop. I will just have to unweave the ends and fix it because it can’t stay like that. How could I sleep at night?


I think it just comes to a point where you say to yourself, “This isn’t just my hobby anymore. It’s my art, and I want to take pride in it.”

Crochet is Art

Go be a perfectionist! “Waste” hours worrying about your yarn tails, lose yourself in figuring out the nuances of variegated yarn, whatever it is get it the way you want it and enjoy!





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7 Responses

  1. Lynette Long says:

    Oh I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who washes and washes and washes to make sure things are ok lol! I use a spider web technique to weave in my ends, so rarely have that issue any longer. I still wash and wash when I use a new to me yarn though!

    • UmmiZu says:

      Hi Lynette! Thanks so much for the tip on the spider web technique. I’m going to look into that. You’re so right, I do think washing a new yarn a lot is a great idea. I stopped by your site, it is so bright and cheerful!

  2. Shannen says:

    Can I still be considered a crafter if I’m not a perfectionist? 🙂 The ends showing off the side would bug me, but I let a mistake go if I don’t think anyone would notice it. Now that you mention it, though, I do want to redo my Girasole blanket in a yarn that won’t pile, and on bigger needles so it turns out larger because I want it to be better. hehe

    • UmmiZu says:

      Oh, of course! You are just working smarter not harder by passing over mistakes no one will notice. I just looked up that blanket, wow! So pretty. I would love to see.

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