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Quick Tip for Organizing Your Crochet and Yarn Stash - Save your plastic zippered bag from comforters and pillows for yarn and project storage - more on Sakeenah.com 7

Quick Tip for Organizing Your Crochet Projects and Yarn Stash

Here’s a quick tip that will help you organize your yarn stash and your knit or crochet works in progress: Save those wonderful heavy duty zippered bags linens, comforters and pillows come in. These bags are great for storing your yarn and make keep your bigger projects like making your own king size blanket portable for just a little while longer. When the best part of getting a new comforter or pillow is getting your hands on those zippered plastic bags they come in, you just might have a yarn problem. Now don’t go out and buy new stuff just...

Crochet for Chairty: Start a Stash Just for Giving 2

Crochet For Charity: Start a Stash Just for Giving

Spring is finally here in my part of the world, and of course that means the urge to do spring cleaning and get organized. If you’re anything like me, trying to get a handle of organizing crochet might be a bit intimidating. There are UFOs (UnFinised Objects) flying all over the place, lots of yarn in random bins and a big looong Ravelry queue. I started to set up a system where I would work on one UFO followed by a new project and keep rotating until I was caught up.¬† But this didn’t incorporate crocheting for charity. I now...