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Yarn Craft: Scraps Are For The Birds!

Spring is finally here! Do you feel like you’ve been waiting forever? Me too! One of my favorite signs of spring is seeing birds fly past, busy with building their nests in hopes of impressing a mate with a decked out place to settle down. Even better is when a few birds decide to call the yard home and we get to hear their serenades and cheeping of brand new babies. This year I’m trying out leaving nesting material out in hopes of seeing some scrap yarn get put to good use. I would be fun to see a splash of some pink...

Want to use up scrap yarn? Make a scrapghan for your kids' dolls. Make a mtaching blanket when you crochet a blanket for a child. Read more on Sakeenah.com 14

Stashbusting Idea: Crochet a Scrapghan for Dolls

In a stashbusting mood and need some ideas to use up all that scrap yarn? There are tons of ways to use up that extra yarn, but I’d like to share with you a quick and fun project that my youngest son really appreciated: Make a scrap blanket for your kid’s stuffed toys. This works up fast and is nice therapeutic mindless crochet. You can even use a doll scrapghan as an excuse to try out a new stitch or technique. After hoarding collecting all my yarn scraps over time, I came across this great idea on Fresh Stitches to...