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How to Repair an Unraveled Granny Stripe or Square |Sakeenah.com 7

How to Fix an Unraveled Granny Square or Stripe Blanket

Here is the sorry state of a beloved vintage granny stripe blanket. It’s been with me for almost 20 years and is a favorite to snuggle up on the couch with. The kids also drag it around and take it to bed, so it’s sadly needed a few heavy washings. Yay! for acrylic on that one, but it’s taken a beating. This granny stripe afghan has started to unravel from the bottom up. I should have intervened right there and fixed it or at least put it in the to fix pile, which grows every day it seems. But instead...

Single Crochet Join for Granny Squares | Sakeenah 3

Single Crochet Join for Granny Squares

Still working on the Refreshing Throw. I’ve been debating back and forth over which way to join granny squares would be best, and finally decided I like the pop of using single crochet to join granny squares. It is a visible join, so it won’t work for all projects. It’s really simple: Arrange your squares With the wrong sides facing each other You single crochet through the outer loops: the one closest to you on the first square and the one furthest away from you on the second square. Join all the rows horizontally, then go back and crochet them...