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10 Reasons to Love Alpaca Yarn - Learn why this natural fiber is well loved for knit and crochet projects 20

10 Reasons to Love Alpaca Yarn

Dubbed the green sheep and the miracle fiber, alpaca gets a lot of love from knitters and crocheters. Alpacas are really cute, fluffy animals whose fleece is prized as a luxury fiber. They are tough little creatures and they have been part of our fiber story for millennia. Is alpaca fiber really all that? Yup! Here’s ten reasons why you should you consider adding alpaca yarn (etsy link) to your stash. Alpaca is softer than cashmere, and you won’t have to unravel thrift store sweaters to feel good about using it. Alpaca is stronger than sheep’s wool. Alpaca fiber is hollow,...

The Handknitter's Yarn Guide - Book Review of this Essential Resource for Knitters and Crocheters 5

Book Review: The Handknitter’s Yarn Guide

I have been wanting to learn about different types of fiber for a while, but kept finding myself gravitating back to acrylic, acrylic blends or cotton blends. These are the types of fiber I am most comfortable with using just out of habit. I have a good idea now how these fibers behave and that is really helpful when planning a project. But when I wanted to start exploring other yarn, it was a little confusing.  How do you find the yarn that has it all,  if such a wonderful thing exists? Maybe you want an economical yarn that’s washable...