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A Couple of Crochet Chevron Baby Blankets

Whew! My hands need a break! I’ve been in single crochet land for a while finishing up 2 chevron baby blankets as gifts. As usual, when I try something new in crochet, I end up getting schooled a bit and I end up thinking how I will do things differently next time. I crocheted the blue, gray and white chevron blankets with Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend, which I liked working with. These blankets took a long time, so when working with gift deadlines, planning ample time is key. I didn’t do that! Rushing is not fun. The pattern...

Blocking Mats 1

The Ultimate Deal on Blocking Mats – 24 Inches Square!

What if I told you there’s a store that sells 24” x 24” interlocking foam mats you can use for blocking your crochet or knit work and the mats are …. 2 for $5!? I’m guessing you’d be really excited. I was super happy to learn that the discount store Five Below sells these mats. They are over in the fitness section. They come in different bright colors or steel gray with raised ridges. The grey ones are called fatigue mats. Dear hubby has stocked up on these for his woodshop.   This is a really great deal! Blocking mats...