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Refreshing Throw WIP | Sakeenah.com 9

WIP Wednesday: Refreshing Throw

Current work in progress: Refreshing Throw as a baby blanket. I’m using Stylecraft Special DK, which I’m loving. All the squares are done now. I have a few squares UFOs hanging around, I kind of stall on the joining part. So I’m off to find a favorite method to join the squares and get moving on that. What’s projects are you working on this week?

First Impression of Berroco Comfort Yarn - Review | Sakeenah 9

A First Impression of Berroco Comfort Yarn – Review

Berroco Comfort is my first foray into the world of the LYS (local yarn shop). I wanted to try out this yarn and found that a close by yarn shop carried it, so away we went. I have since figured out there are a few places to order Berroco Comfort yarn online, but I do like being able to stop in and see the colors for myself. After making a few blankets with it, I’m sharing my review. Here I am reviewing the worsted weight of Berroco comfort. What you get: Berroco Comfort is 50% nylon and 50% acrylic. Full...

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Thoughts on Becoming a Yarn Consumer

Internet jokes abound about yarn shopping/hoarding addictions. No doubt you’ve seen this: I laughed, you laughed and then probably we all headed over to Joann’s website to look for sales. Reviving crochet in my life has changed my habits of consumption. Prior to becoming a yarn addict, I tried hard to avoid buying anything new, joining The Compact for a year and striving to curb my use of plastic – thanks for the inspiration, Beth Terry. Then just like that,  I found myself gleefully in the checkout line of big box craft stores with pounds of acrylic in my arms....