Six Stripes King Size Crochet Afghan – Finally Done!

Six Stiripes King Size Afghan - Crochet all hdc in the back loops, L hook, bulky yarn. Read more on

I haven’t been posting much because I took me forever to finish this afghan! I was half way there in February when it was nice and freezing. Well hooray! I can finally celebrate the end of this project.

To make this king sized afghan, I used an L hook and just chained until it was the width I wanted. I used 4 skeins of Knit Pick’s Brava Bulky Yarn in each color from their neutrals sampler. I used an L hook. The stitches are all half double crochet into the back loops. I used the foundation turning stitch to get straight edges on the sides. If there is ever a next time, I might try a K hook to have just a little bit more tightness.

Crochet Foundation Turning Stitch - Alternative to a turning chain and the big holes it makes. See the blanket made with this!

It’s BIG, and to get the stripes to look nice and lined up evenly on the bed, I have to straighten it because it likes to travel. I haven’t tried washing it. I’m wondering how that will turn out since the Brava lot I got was made in China and not the same as the soft. lovely swishy made in Turkey yarn I loved.

So onto baby blankets for 2 new little ones !

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7 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Lovely ! I am looking to make a blanket too.

    How many skeins did it take ?

  2. C. Johnell Henderson says:

    Is there a pattern for this blanket?

    • Sakeenah says:

      Hi there, I’m so sorry my site ate your comment for a few months! I didn’t write a pattern but you just use bulky yarn with a large hook. The stitch is all half double crochet into the back loops. I basically just made the foundation chain as wide as my bed.

  3. twitter_thegomamas says:

    That is a gorgeous afghan! One of my daughters would be tucked into that beauty all day. Great work Sakeenah.

  4. That is beautiful work sis! Makes me want to bus out my crochet hook and make something. 🙂

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