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How to Use Double Pointed Knitting Needles

When I first started knitting someone (who doesn’t knit) asked me “How many needles can you use at once?” I was so stumped, why would I need to use more than two at a time?? As I looked around a pretty knit hat patterns and complicated sweater patterns and saw people knitting gloves, I realized if I wanted to get anywhere in my  knitting journey I realize I’d have to learn how to use those fancy double pointed needles, or DPNs as they are called for short.

Learning how to use double pointed needles seems hard to understand at first, but all that is needed is a good tutorial. I found this video that explains using DPNs is like transferring buses. This is the best explanation that seemed to click.

This video is from the YouTube channel Sheep & Stitch. Please check out their channel for more if you found this useful.

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