Disclosure Policy

How this site makes money

I make money on my site through affiliate programs and advertisements. This will be in the form of ad banners or affiliate links in posts. There’s no additional cost to you if you choose to buy through one of my ads or affiliate links.

What this means for you

  • You can expect to read honest reviews of products. I won’t let any compensation influence how I present a product or the content of this site.
  • I will only promote a product that I feel has value to the crochet and fiber arts community.
  • I will only promote a product I believe in. Most of the time it is a yarn, hook, or other supply I use every day in my crafting adventures, or a book that I have heard so much about that I own it myself or it’s on my wishlist.

You can always find a quick link to this disclosure policy in the footer of the page.