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Crochet Perfect Pockets Shawl Pattern Notes 0

Crochet Perfect-Pockets Shawl Pattern Notes

Finally a finished project! Here I am sharing my notes for the Crochet Perfect-Pockets Shawl by Sonja Hood. I haven’t had much to share lately because I have been in a bit of creative funk. I wasn’t feeling inspired and maybe you can relate to this but I just felt like I didn’t have any extra time for fun things. I decided to try and make time. I downloaded a habit tracker app and made a checklist with all the things I wish I could make time for: yoga, working out, fiber arts, etc. I started out with really small goal...

Crochet Cable Hat - link to free crochet pattern in post from 9

Featured Free Crochet Pattern: Cable Hat by Sarah Arnold

If you are looking for a nice free crochet pattern for a cable hat, check out Sarah Arnold’s Cable Hat pattern (now a free Ravelry download). The pattern calls for front post double and treble crochet (fpdc and fptr) as well as back post double crochet (bpdc). Here is the first cable hat I made for hubby with this pattern. I used Patons Superwash DK in grey. He says it came out super warm and still hasn’t started wearing it yet. He said he’s reserving it for true winter weather. Sarah states in the instructions that it is not a beginner’s...

Want to use up scrap yarn? Make a scrapghan for your kids' dolls. Make a mtaching blanket when you crochet a blanket for a child. Read more on 14

Stashbusting Idea: Crochet a Scrapghan for Dolls

In a stashbusting mood and need some ideas to use up all that scrap yarn? There are tons of ways to use up that extra yarn, but I’d like to share with you a quick and fun project that my youngest son really appreciated: Make a scrap blanket for your kid’s stuffed toys. This works up fast and is nice therapeutic mindless crochet. You can even use a doll scrapghan as an excuse to try out a new stitch or technique. After hoarding collecting all my yarn scraps over time, I came across this great idea on Fresh Stitches to...

How to Make a Felted Wool Rug. Explore felting crochet with this beginner's project 14

How to Make a Crochet Felted Wool Rug

You gotta love when the addiction factor of crocheting goes up a notch. This is what’s happening to me with experimenting with felting. First you get to get in the meditative zone of making something and then you get to change it all up, shrink it, stretch it, and it’s something different. Love! After tackling a practice felted crochet swatch, it was time to try something bigger but still easy enough for a beginner’s felting project. My original goal was to make a bath mat, but I soon learned that a felted crochet of knit piece will keep felting if...


Mudroom Storage Hanging Baskets

With colder weather on its way, it means it’s time to start making scarfs, hats and gloves, yippee! I don’t really look froward to the snow, but I love to crochet all the things that go with it.  With 3 boys in the house I soon realized I was going to need somewhere to keep all their winter gear tidy. The boys will run in to change into dry mittens real quick and fling everything around looking for the ones they wanted. Our mudroom was quickly getting taken over, so enter these hanging storage baskets. It was a fun and...


Learning to Felt Crochet – Tips for Making a Practice Swatch

  Felting crochet, a new adventure for me! Would you like to come along and try it too? What is felting? Felting is when you take an animal fiber like wool and put it through a process that will mat the fibers together. Washing wool in hot water and agitating it makes the fibers rub up against each other and tangle producing a fabric that is now solid, softer, fuzzier and smaller. Tangled yarn is usually a disaster, but felting will change the size, look and feel or your fiber and project in a good way – hopefully. To felt...

Refreshing Throw Crocheted by Sakeenah 3

WIP Wednesday: Refreshing Throw – Almost Done!

The point on this WIP Wednesday is twofold. First, to exclaim from the mountain tops that after weaving in the ends I am DONE with the Refreshing Throw! And second, to show the world the amazing basket I scored at Goodwill!! At 24″ in diameter, it’s a beauty. I have been patiently stalking my local Goodwill for just the right basket, and I think it paid off. I didn’t anticipate how long this blanket was going to take. Each motif took 30 minutes, and there are 36 squares. Then the arranging, joining and border. It clocks in around 23 hours....

Single Crochet Join for Granny Squares | Sakeenah 3

Single Crochet Join for Granny Squares

Still working on the Refreshing Throw. I’ve been debating back and forth over which way to join granny squares would be best, and finally decided I like the pop of using single crochet to join granny squares. It is a visible join, so it won’t work for all projects. It’s really simple: Arrange your squares With the wrong sides facing each other You single crochet through the outer loops: the one closest to you on the first square and the one furthest away from you on the second square. Join all the rows horizontally, then go back and crochet them...

Refreshing Throw WIP | 9

WIP Wednesday: Refreshing Throw

Current work in progress: Refreshing Throw as a baby blanket. I’m using Stylecraft Special DK, which I’m loving. All the squares are done now. I have a few squares UFOs hanging around, I kind of stall on the joining part. So I’m off to find a favorite method to join the squares and get moving on that. What’s projects are you working on this week?


A Couple of Crochet Chevron Baby Blankets

Whew! My hands need a break! I’ve been in single crochet land for a while finishing up 2 chevron baby blankets as gifts. As usual, when I try something new in crochet, I end up getting schooled a bit and I end up thinking how I will do things differently next time. I crocheted the blue, gray and white chevron blankets with Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend, which I liked working with. These blankets took a long time, so when working with gift deadlines, planning ample time is key. I didn’t do that! Rushing is not fun. The pattern...