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Blocking Mats 1

The Ultimate Deal on Blocking Mats – 24 Inches Square!

What if I told you there’s a store that sells 24” x 24” interlocking foam mats you can use for blocking your crochet or knit work and the mats are …. 2 for $5!? I’m guessing you’d be really excited. I was super happy to learn that the discount store Five Below sells these mats. They are over in the fitness section. They come in different bright colors or steel gray with raised ridges. The grey ones are called fatigue mats. Dear hubby has stocked up on these for his woodshop.   This is a really great deal! Blocking mats...


The Magic Knot or Double Knot- The New Way to Join Yarn

Well, it’s new to me. I recently came across this video explaining the “magic knot”, which is a double knot used to join yarn. Till now, the Russian join has been my go-to technique, but I don’t like the added bulk. With the magic knot technique there are no tails left to weave in, the knot is not visible and there is no added bulk. I’ve been dreaming of making a scrapghan but have been scared away from the idea thinking about all those ends to weave in. Happy to have a way to make it faster and easier. “This...