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How to Repair an Unraveled Granny Stripe or Square | 7

How to Fix an Unraveled Granny Square or Stripe Blanket

Here is the sorry state of a beloved vintage granny stripe blanket. It’s been with me for almost 20 years and is a favorite to snuggle up on the couch with. The kids also drag it around and take it to bed, so it’s sadly needed a few heavy washings. Yay! for acrylic on that one, but it’s taken a beating. This granny stripe afghan has started to unravel from the bottom up. I should have intervened right there and fixed it or at least put it in the to fix pile, which grows every day it seems. But instead...

Quick Tip for Organizing Your Crochet and Yarn Stash - Save your plastic zippered bag from comforters and pillows for yarn and project storage - more on 7

Quick Tip for Organizing Your Crochet Projects and Yarn Stash

Here’s a quick tip that will help you organize your yarn stash and your knit or crochet works in progress: Save those wonderful heavy duty zippered bags linens, comforters and pillows come in. These bags are great for storing your yarn and make keep your bigger projects like making your own king size blanket portable for just a little while longer. When the best part of getting a new comforter or pillow is getting your hands on those zippered plastic bags they come in, you just might have a yarn problem. Now don’t go out and buy new stuff just...

How to Make a Felted Wool Rug. Explore felting crochet with this beginner's project 14

How to Make a Crochet Felted Wool Rug

You gotta love when the addiction factor of crocheting goes up a notch. This is what’s happening to me with experimenting with felting. First you get to get in the meditative zone of making something and then you get to change it all up, shrink it, stretch it, and it’s something different. Love! After tackling a practice felted crochet swatch, it was time to try something bigger but still easy enough for a beginner’s felting project. My original goal was to make a bath mat, but I soon learned that a felted crochet of knit piece will keep felting if...

Crafting Digital Magazines only $1.99 through end of September! - Crochet, Knitting, Beading, Quilting, etc 3

$1.99 Digital Magazines at Interweave!

Shop the $1.99 Digital Magazine Sale at Interweave $1.99 Digital Magazine Sale ends on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. MT. Some exclusions apply. Prices are as marked. Attention Crafters! Whether you are looking for a project to complete during the commercial breaks or for the whole game, we’ve got you covered. Our digital magazines are full of projects and now’s the perfect time to explore. Discover hundreds of digital issues available for $1.99 now through the end of September! This post contains affiliate links.     Thanks for stopping by! Let’s connect: Subscribe to be notified of new posts,...


Learning to Felt Crochet – Tips for Making a Practice Swatch

  Felting crochet, a new adventure for me! Would you like to come along and try it too? What is felting? Felting is when you take an animal fiber like wool and put it through a process that will mat the fibers together. Washing wool in hot water and agitating it makes the fibers rub up against each other and tangle producing a fabric that is now solid, softer, fuzzier and smaller. Tangled yarn is usually a disaster, but felting will change the size, look and feel or your fiber and project in a good way – hopefully. To felt...

Single Crochet Join for Granny Squares | Sakeenah 3

Single Crochet Join for Granny Squares

Still working on the Refreshing Throw. I’ve been debating back and forth over which way to join granny squares would be best, and finally decided I like the pop of using single crochet to join granny squares. It is a visible join, so it won’t work for all projects. It’s really simple: Arrange your squares With the wrong sides facing each other You single crochet through the outer loops: the one closest to you on the first square and the one furthest away from you on the second square. Join all the rows horizontally, then go back and crochet them...

Crochet Griddle Stitch (cobble stitch) Directions | Sakeenah 3

How to Do the Crochet Griddle Stitch

The Griddle stitch, or Cobble stitch, looks like a complicated stitch, but it’s actually pretty simple. To crochet the griddle stitch, you just alternate between sc and dc, single crocheting into the double crochet stitch and double crocheting into the single crochet stitch of the previous rows. It creates a nice tight and textured look. In wearables that call for rows of all hdc, you can substitute the griddle stitch and avoid the looks of stripes in your work.

Weaving in Ends | 0

Weaving in Ends

  Weaving in ends, trying to finish up a chevron baby blanket. Lost my metal yarn needles, and plastic is just not where it’s at. Bendy, flimsy, splits the yarn. Gotta run to the store!

Crochet for Chairty: Start a Stash Just for Giving 2

Crochet For Charity: Start a Stash Just for Giving

Spring is finally here in my part of the world, and of course that means the urge to do spring cleaning and get organized. If you’re anything like me, trying to get a handle of organizing crochet might be a bit intimidating. There are UFOs (UnFinised Objects) flying all over the place, lots of yarn in random bins and a big looong Ravelry queue. I started to set up a system where I would work on one UFO followed by a new project and keep rotating until I was caught up.  But this didn’t incorporate crocheting for charity. I now...

Tunisian Class Giveaway 5

Giveaway! Enter to Win a Free Crochet or Knitting Class from Craftsy!

Well isn’t this exciting?! My very first crochet blog giveaway! Won’t you join the fun? Craftsy is giving away a free crochet or knitting class. Enter to win a Craftsy class! The winner will receive one free crochet or knitting class of their choice up to a $59.99 value. Winner will be picked by Craftsy. You have until March 31st to enter. Craftsy’s crochet classes are: Crochet Lab with Vickie Howell Crochet: Beyond Rectangles with Linda Permann Tunisian Crochet with Jennifer Hansen Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster with Stacey Trock Amigurumi: Woodland Animals with Stacey Trock Curvy Crochet with Marly...