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How to Use Double Pointed Needles 0

How to Use Double Pointed Knitting Needles

When I first started knitting someone (who doesn’t knit) asked me “How many needles can you use at once?” I was so stumped, why would I need to use more than two at a time?? As I looked around a pretty knit hat patterns and complicated sweater patterns and saw people knitting gloves, I realized if I wanted to get anywhere in my  knitting journey I realize I’d have to learn how to use those fancy double pointed needles, or DPNs as they are called for short. Learning how to use double pointed needles seems hard to understand at first,...

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Tips for Teaching Children to Crochet | 4

Tips for Teaching Children to Crochet

If you think back to when you first started learning a new skill, you might be just a little hesitant to want to teach your kids to crochet. It can be really frustrating to learn something new! But it’s so worth the effort. Children can really benefit from learning a hands-on skill like knitting, crochet or woodworking. Handicraft skills encourage creative thinking and teach self-sufficiency. There is so much joy in that “I made this!” moment. Plus, it’s not always easy being a kid. They need hobbies and meditative stress busters too. I’m sharing with you some tips to help...

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Tackling Project Clutter | 5

Tackling Project Clutter

I need a UFO (unfinished object) intervention before even picking up a crochet hook. Lately I have this desperate need to get my yarn and stash down to absolute zero. A nice controlled burn to nothing and buy on an as-needed basis only. I know this is akin to fiber art sacrilege here. Everybody needs a hoard, right? I can’t do it anymore. I feel like every weekend for a year is booked with knitting and crochet projects I don’t want to really even do. Organizing my yarn stash by fiber type into plastic bins helped a little. I could...

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Lessons Learned As a New Knitter | 0

Lessons Learned As a New Knitter

I finally did it! I got past the oh, that looks so cool but so intimidating feelings about learning to knit and just started. What finally got me to get going learning to knit is this crazy thing called scheduling, which I would have never thought to try before. Doesn’t everyone just wait to be in the mood to learn something new? I installed one of those to do list apps that organized people use and the wheels started turning, I could use this to crack open Stitch ‘n Bitch for 15 or 20 minutes a day and actually move...

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Trillium Tunic Crochet Pattern 0

Stock up on patterns with 40% off at Interweave

Interweave is one of my favorite places to buy crochet patterns and magazines. Digital patterns makes it easy to get started on a project right away. Here’s a great opportunity to stock up. Now through June 5 (11:59 pm MT) save 40% at Interweave! They have something for everyone: knitting, crochet, beading, weaving, etc. I’ve had my eye on the Trillium Tunic pattern but I’ll probably just go ahead and buy the whole Interweave Crochet, Summer 2011 issue it was featured in and grab a bunch of other patterns for close to the same price. Leave me a note if...

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Yarn Craft: Scraps Are For The Birds!

Spring is finally here! Do you feel like you’ve been waiting forever? Me too! One of my favorite signs of spring is seeing birds fly past, busy with building their nests in hopes of impressing a mate with a decked out place to settle down. Even better is when a few birds decide to call the yard home and we get to hear their serenades and cheeping of brand new babies. This year I’m trying out leaving nesting material out in hopes of seeing some scrap yarn get put to good use. I would be fun to see a splash of some pink...

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A Crocheted Pink Baby Girl Blanket | Link to free pattern in post - 2

A Crocheted Pink Baby Girl Blanket

I have so much boy energy in my life that I sometimes just need to whip up a nice pink or otherwise girlie  blanket. I never really have anyone in mind when I make them and usually just give them away as new baby gifts. What? Me, finally get around to selling anything? Pffft! Maybe one day I’ll feel worthy enough. One of my favorite free patterns for a crocheted baby blanket is the Lacy V-Stitch Ripple Afghan from Heather Tucker at Mama’s Stitchery. The pattern includes instructions for crochet a throw sizes extra small to extra large. It was...

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Audiobooks Make Crafting Even Better! - Get 2 Free at 7

Audiobooks Make Crafting Even Better

Once you get that rhythm going in a pattern, humming along in the nice alpha waves of a meditative activity like crocheting or knitting, it’s fun to experiment with some creative multitasking. What do you like to do to make crafting even better? Some people like to watch TV or maybe even switch back and forth between reading a book. Me, I love to listen to audiobooks! Audiobooks have brought so much joy to my life.  I never would have imagined that being able to listen to books would have brightened my family’s day so much. It is a pleasant...

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How to Repair an Unraveled Granny Stripe or Square | 7

How to Fix an Unraveled Granny Square or Stripe Blanket

Here is the sorry state of a beloved vintage granny stripe blanket. It’s been with me for almost 20 years and is a favorite to snuggle up on the couch with. The kids also drag it around and take it to bed, so it’s sadly needed a few heavy washings. Yay! for acrylic on that one, but it’s taken a beating. This granny stripe afghan has started to unravel from the bottom up. I should have intervened right there and fixed it or at least put it in the to fix pile, which grows every day it seems. But instead...

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Weekly Pattern Roundup for the Fiber Arts 4 - Free and Paid Patterns: Crochet, Knit, Sewing 0

Weekly Pattern Roundup for the Fiber Arts 4

Is it spring yet? I’ve been looking forward to it being chilly enough to wrap up in something, but nice enough to take a walk and look for flowers. This week’s pattern roundup reflects what’s been on my mind, yours too probably. Here’s the weekly roundup of the free and paid crochet, knitting, and sewing patterns I have been sharing over on my Facebook page. The Weekly Pattern Roundup is an easy way to find something you missed or wanted to save for later. I really love seeing your likes and comments on the pattern links and look forward to...

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